Because of politics. China is one of the most powerful nations in the world which help keep economies afloat with exports and buying of produce. Most of our products we use in our daily life are made there. They also have been very secretive about their weaponry and they might have nuclear weapons that could wipe entire states off the map.

Look at what happened to my country, Australia, our government tried to have an enquiry into the origin of covid and the treatment of Uighur muslims prompted by the Uighur community here and Tv investigations and look what China did.

Blocked our most valuable exports such as grain, coal, wine and lobsters and put high tariffs on others. It took a while to find alternative buyers to pick up most of the trade and a lot of product got wasted. China engaged other countries and replaced Australia for some products in spite. They also spread mass propaganda and rumours about studying in Australia (our other most valuable export since local students don’t pay upfront and are on a loan scheme) and lied about racial attacks and treatment of Chinese students in our universities causing students to apply in America or the UK instead.

I guess governments know how temperamental and powerful China is and know that calling them out would gain little in China but cause a lot of damage to their country. The Chinese have a culture of hating to lose face and bringing shame upon China and it’s revered government and CCP will not go down well.

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