I currently have 3 rescues. 2 of which came from Puerto Rico, theres a local rescue that partners with one down there.

When I think about what they went throw it saddens me. The first one was thrown over the fence to the rescue down there in a bag, half starved, and badly hurt. I am assuming that she was found by someone who thought hey maybe this place can help this dog. But what a way to do it.

The second one was the only surviving found almost dead surrounded by her siblings and mother and then taken to the shelter for help. She still shakes violently when it rains or she hears any loud noise.

I can’t express my thanks enough to the people who run the shelter down there, or the people in my area who have set up a partnership to help the dogs in those shelters to bring them to my area to find homes. Its thousand of miles away from where I am and I am absolutely filled with joy to have these wonderful pups in my life.

Even if the second one has an affinity for chewing up my boxers, and only my boxers ;p

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